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This is for all the women in the Asian American and Pacific Islander community out there right now who are afraid, sad, and feeling helpless. You’re not alone.

Dear America,

We’re not responsible for your sexual addiction.

The shootings in Atlanta of three Asian-owned massage parlors have brought to light a long-standing issue in the AAPI community that goes beyond the hate crimes — the hyper-sexualization of Asian women. The targets of the shooting were Asian American women whom the suspect wanted to eliminate because of the sexual temptation they represented to him.

You may not know this but there’s…

Since the start of the COVID-19 epidemic there has been a 1900% rise in reported hate crimes against Asian Americans. While anti-asian sentiment in America isn’t something that started with COVID-19, the virus is certainly accelerating it. You may have seen some of the horrific videos of Asian American elders being targeted and brutally attacked. You may be wondering why more people aren’t talking about this or why there seems to be a lack of media coverage. You may be wondering what you can do to help.

We’ve done some research and put together this guide for how you and…

With the COVID-19 pandemic halting in-person fundraising events, nonprofits have to think outside the box when it comes to fundraising in 2021. With this in mind we wanted to highlight some tips and tricks nonprofits can use to fundraise through social media, because, let’s face it we’ve all been spending A LOT of time on our phones lately.

Let’s get down to business
Make sure your nonprofit Instagram account is marked as a business account. This allows you to access certain features that a personal account won’t. …

Blake: Yo! How’s that deck coming?

Grace: ugh….alright. Adding the last few images now, just kind of hard to find pictures of women playing sports that don’t look like this.


Blake: yikes


In case you missed literally every celebrity, news organization, social media influencer and politician in America, our next election is as important as it is complicated. In a recent study conducted by Pew Research Center, 49% of voters believe it will be difficult to cast a ballot this November. So we as people, businesses and responsible citizens of a (hopefully) functioning democracy need to do everything in our power to help get out the vote.

Moreover, this is an opportunity for your company to shape the ecosystems you want to live in. Whether it’s social justice, healthcare, immigration reform, environmental…

As a fan, an Asian American, and a former Marketing Director for a NASCAR race, I want to take a moment to talk about how the recent ban on the confederate flag is not only the right socio-political move, but also a critical marketing strategy to keep the sport alive and growing.

One of the biggest issues NASCAR struggles with is getting new, young fans. As a result the marketing of the sport is at times overly accommodating to their aging, legacy fanbase, afraid to try anything new for fear of alienating the paying customers they do have. …

Hey there! You are likely reading this because you are a brand or organization that wants to show your solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement in the wake of the recent murders of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and George Floyd. Maybe you’ve already posted to your social media that you support the movement but you’re quickly realizing that you need to take real action and you’re wondering where to start.

We believe brands have the power and responsibility to use their influence for good and now is as good of a time to do so. So let’s get started.

1. Acknowledgement

I got into a discussion with someone the other day about Constance Wu’s acting skills. The consensus was we didn’t think she was that talented. While we debated who would be a suitable substitute for her roles, we couldn’t come up with many other well known Asian American actresses. The person I was speaking with asked why her roles just couldn’t just be filled by an actress from Asia. There were, afterall, so many talented Asian actors to pick from. This comment fired me up.

We are supposed to be celebrating the accomplishments of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders this…

Attention, marketers: We’re all good on pictures of white dudes standing on the edges of things. It’s time to shoot something else.

Here’s a fun story:
A few years ago before starting Slide 32, I was still working in-house at a Silicon Valley tech company and I was stuck in a brutal all-day “marketing summit.” It was one of those dreaded, exhausting and unfathomably expensive ordeals where every marketing agency that works with a brand is called in to align on a Q4 plan to hit some astronomical revenue goal. …

Photo by Allie Smith on Unsplash

Don’t worry, this isn’t a “capitalism is bad” essay. It is a “capitalism is messy” essay. At our core, we believe that brands can truly bring about good in the world, but the world is a pretty different place these days and it calls for an honest look at what we do and who we are.

If you are like us the past six weeks have been incredibly uncomfortable as marketers. At best, our job is to connect people with goods and services that improve their lives and make the world a better place.

At worst, we sell people stuff…

Slide 32

Slide 32 is a marketing agency with a conscience. We help you connect your marketing efforts to your community to create a positive impact. https://www.slide32.

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